Proposed Tal-Bajjada planning parameters to set up clearer land use distinctions

The Planning Authority has published for public consultation a revised policy framework for the area of Tal-Bajjad in Qormi which are said to bring about a clearer distinction in land use

The Tal-Bajjad area covers a total of 0.25km
The Tal-Bajjad area covers a total of 0.25km

The Planning Authority has published for public consultation a revised policy framework for the area of Tal-Bajjad in Qormi, in another move to address the conflicting development patterns.

The proposed planning parameters seek to "do away" with the current mixed use zoning approach and alternatively create more specific character areas. A similar concept was the basis for proposed planning parameters for the Hal Mula area in Zebbug.

According to the Planning Authority, the proposed planning parameters for Tal-Bajjada will result in a clearer distinction of land uses.

The Tal-Bajjad area, which covers a total of 0.25km, was partly zoned as an industrial area in the 1988 Temporary Provision Schemes. In 2006, following the publication of the Central Malta Local Plan, the area was designated as a mixed-use area for industrial, commercial, residential purposes. However, according to the PA, over time the number of permitted residential and commercial land uses increased, changing substantially the urban character and use-mix of the area.

The PA said that those sites within the area which today are predominantly taken up by small and medium industrial enterprises, will be retained solely for this use, while predominant residential sites will become exclusively zoned for residential purposes, in a bid to improve the of the street environment quality in the long-term.

“While the proposed policy is conscious of the fact that most of the negative issues are in effect a result of operational failures, this review is a commitment to ameliorate on the current situation by controlling deleterious activity, leading to an improved quality of life and increased compatibility between the different land uses in the area,” the PA said in a statement.

The public consultation period is open until 5 April 2017.

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