Ray-Ban summer campaign draws thousands at music festivals

The #Campaign4Change and #SpeakTheTruth campaigns were launched in Malta at three high profile party events in July and August

Specially designed lodges were set up during major music festivals this summer, where adventurous partygoers could participate in body-painting dares, create customised t-shirts and spray on a graffiti wall. 

The #Campaign4Change and #SpeakTheTruth campaigns were launched in Malta at three high profile party events in July and August: Isle of MTV in Floriana, Duke Dumont at Café Del Mar and Creamfields at the MFCC grounds. 

“Ray-Ban’s campaign this summer was a huge success! All three events were buzzing with adventurous partygoers. We met over a thousand people at our specially designed Ray-Ban lodges — a hundred of whom participated in body-painting dares, joined the graffiti artist in decorating our wall and over 850 who went home with their own customised Ray-Ban t-shirts, distributed as part of the incredibly popular #SpeakTheTruth campaign,” said Helena Tua at Ray-Ban Malta after the Creamfields dance festival on Friday.

Free Ray-Ban sunglasses were awarded to those daring enough to have their body covered in vibrant body paint. Meanwhile, those opting for a smaller piece of body art received Ray-Ban vouchers and Ray-Ban freebies, depending on how adventurous they were. 

Partygoers also had their most honest confessions printed on customisable t-shirts at the #SpeakTheTruth t-shirt factory.

Legendary brand Ray-Ban continues to invite its fans to change the world by being true to themselves and openly expressing their beliefs, world-changing ideas and deepest confessions.

The Maltese edition of the campaign, brought to the island by Class Optical, Ray-Ban’s official representatives in Malta, is also organised in other countries worldwide.

Brand loyalists are encouraged to use the hashtag #Campaign4Change and #SpeakTheTruth to pitch their world-changing ideas on www.ray-ban.com/malta, and to access details and images of the campaign. 

Ray-Ban’s official outlets in Malta can be located via www.eyewear.com.mt.