Updated | Fearne announces national Ebola drill next month

Fearne to announce national driull in Parliament as opposition puts forward four precautionary proposals on Ebola to ensure country is ready for worst case scenarios

Parliamentary secretary for health Chris Fearne has announced, through Twitter, that he would be giving a Parliamentary statement on Ebola preparedness this evening. 

Ealier in the year, Fearne said that while the risk of Ebola arriving in Malta is small, the government was well prepared to handle all possible scenarios.

"We are taking all precautions to ensure that we are prepared in the remote eventuality of somebody infected with ebola entering Malta. We are also taking all precautions at Mater Dei hospital to ensure that in the remote possibility of an outbreak in Malta, the best treatment is available and the rest of society is safe," Fearne said in August.

He said the precautions being taken by the health authorities in Malta are in line with the WHO recommendations.

Opposition urges government to step up measures 

The Nationalist Party this morning urged government to step up its preparedness for Ebola and put forward four proposals which would ensure the country is prepared for any eventuality.

Opposition MP Claudio Grech said “health service and infrastructural preparations should be in place to ensure that the country is ready for any eventuality without creating any panic.”

He added that this should also reassure health and security services employees and the rest of the county that the country is organised and well equipped to face any situation.

Among the proposals put forward, the opposition called for obligatory screening for passengers arriving at airports and seaports who would have entered the EU from regions where Ebola was reported.

Secondly, the opposition proposed the creation of an isolation/infectious diseases unit in a separate building at Mater Dei Hospital.

Moreover, while insisting that executive decisions should remain the sole prerogative of government, Grech proposed the creation of a monitoring committee which would include civil society representatives such as unions and associations representing medical professionals.

Finally, the PN proposed the creation of a register of resources which could be called up should an Ebola case be reported was also necessary.

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