Mater Dei gets new medical simulation centre

A new Medical Simulation Centre at Mater Dei to strengthen medical education and patient care inaugurated

The €450,000 simulation centre was inaugurated by parliamentary secretary Chris Fearne
The €450,000 simulation centre was inaugurated by parliamentary secretary Chris Fearne

A brand new simulation centre training facility has been set up at Mater Dei Hospital. The centre will be used by health care professionals including nurses, doctors and surgical trainees.

"Simulation training was developed years ago in the aviation industry. We have now imported the concept to medical training, allowing our medical and nursing staff to develop their medical and surgical techniques in a simulated environment," parliamentary secretary for health Chris Fearne said during the centre's inauguration.

The junior minister said, that thanks to an investment of more than €450,000 , government is offering a centre of excellence providing unique and powerful real-time learning opportunities in key competences to trainee doctors whilst heightening patients safety.

Ray Galea, Head of Post Graduate Medical Training, explained that the simulation centre was divided into two large areas, with a total of 250  metres squared. The centre is training around 460  postgraduates and undergraduates doctors  throughout the year in diagnostics and surgical procedures. 

Amongst others, training procedures include, adult medical specialities, chemical pathology, dermatology,  orthopaedic, ophthalmology and  paediatric surgery.

This controlled training environment is aimed at imitating a real-life patient care setting. Parts of it are also furnished with cameras to enable recording of training sessions allowing trainee doctors to learn without jeopardising the welfare of patients. 

This training centre offers the latest medical simulation technology, including two human patient simulators which blink, simulate breathing and have a heartbeat, pulse and respiratory sounds. These are used for training on physical examinations and interdisciplinary major trauma management. Likewise, this simulation centre holds a simulated clinical environment and virtual procedure stations, presenting a variety of scenarios where trainees can practice until they master the technique.

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