EmCare devices discounted up to 14th May

emCare launches Mother’s Day special offers on healthcare solutions for independent living

EmCare will be launching special offers on a variety of the company’s healthcare solutions aimed at peace of mind, accident prevention and maintaining one’s independence at home, from Mother’s Day up to the 14th May,

Throughout thecoming weeks,  the emCare Hub and add-on devices can be bought at a special discounted priceand thosse who already own an emCare Hub can purchase the add-on devices at a special 15% discount for 2 or more add-ons during this period.

One of emCare’s most popular add-ons, the ‘On-Wrist Fall trigger’ will also be available at a 10% discounted price throughout this period when purchased on its own. This device is specifically designed and developed with the intention of automatically raising an alert to the 24/7 call centre when a fall is detected. Therefore, this solution is especially useful for individuals who live on their own. The device also has an in-built panic button that can be manually pressed should the user require assistance or aid. Being waterproof, it is also ideal for the common falls in the bath or shower.

In addition to the ‘On-Wrist Fall trigger’, emCare offers a variety of other add-ons to help people who require additional care, such as elderly individuals and people with special needs, remain safe at home, far more than we normally think is possible.

In all situations, as soon as the call centre is alerted, all cases are handled efficiently, professionally and safely by trained personnel who benefit from a wealth of experience in determining what each situation requires.

Learn more about emCare’s special offers by phoning on 2142 4949, visiting www.emcare360.com  or emCare’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/emcare360.

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