[WATCH] Benna launches lactose-free fresh milk and light yoghurt

Lactose-free fresh milk and light yoghurt are now available through Benna

Malta Dairy Products Ltd launches new lactose free products

Malta Dairy Products Ltd has launched a new range of products to their existing Benna fresh milk line-up: lactose free fresh milk and lactose free light yoghurt.

Benna fresh lactose free milk starts off as regular cows’ milk. People with lactose intolerance don’t have enough lactase enzymes in their bodies to digest lactose, the natural sugar found in milk. To solve this, lactase enzyme is added to the fresh milk to break down the lactose into simpler forms, glucose and galactose, both of which are easily absorbed in the human digestive system.

As nothing else is added or removed, what one gets is delicious fresh lactose free milk, that has all the taste and nutritious goodness of regular fresh milk, just without the lactose.

All the milk used in the production of lactose free milk, as in all other Benna products, is 100% real fresh Maltese milk, making this product the first of its kind in the Maltese Islands.

Lactose-intolerant people or those with sensitive digestive tracts who up till now have had to refrain from consuming fresh milk, thus missing out on its nutritious benefits, now don’t need to say no anymore.

Fresh milk can once again be an integral part of their healthy daily lifestyle since lactose free Benna fresh milk, found in convenient 1 litre cartons with screw cap, causes no discomfort.

Lactose intolerant people can now also enjoy Benna lactose free light yoghurt sold in two-pack cartons in three different flavours: strawberry, vanilla and natural. As in Lactose free milk, these yogurts have all the taste and nutritious goodness of a fresh dairy product, just without the lactose.

The availability of Benna lactose free fresh milk and yogurts will also give lactose intolerant people access to any recipe that includes milk or yogurt, by simply substituting the standard fresh milk and yogurt with the lactose-free fresh milk and lactose free yogurt.

The lactose free range of products is now available nationwide at all major retail outlets, distributed fresh every day.

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