[WATCH] 'Shine a Light', an insight into understanding ADHD

A documentary, offering both a personal and clinical perspective on what it is like to have ADHD, has been released on the last day of the month dedicated to the condition

"Shine a Light - understanding ADHD" is an 11 minute documentary aiming to help people understand the condition

 A short documentary has been produced which aims to give people an idea of what it is like to be living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

“Shine a Light - understanding ADHD”, which was released on 31 October, the last day of international ADHD awareness month, strives to explain what the condition is, from a personal and clinical perspective.

The hope is that this video will help young people and adults diagnosed with ADHD, or who suspect they have ADHD, as well as their family and friends, to understand the condition better.