Classic Pathé - Malta on the British newsreel

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. Here are some of the Malta highlights. 

"Do you really want to hurt us?" - Borg Olivier gets ready for some negotiations in 1967 when the Brits plan damaging cutbacks to the services in Malta.

1955 - The Problem Of Malta

Dom Mintoff is in London to make his case for Malta's integration with Great Britain - a referendum does not deliver the confident mandate he needs and his government falls in 1958.

1964 - Malta Independent

Less than a decade after Integration is mooted as Malta's possible direction, the island is independent but retains the British Queen as its head of state.

1967 - George Borg Olivier with Patrick Gordon Walker

Borg Olivier is in his second administration but has to fight hard against British cutbacks

1942 - Malta Receives Its George Cross

Malta is bombed to smithereens, but gets a medal from King George VI for its battering from the Germans.

1940 - Marsa Regatta

Life as it was over 70 years ago at the "regatta whoopee"

1960s-70s - Colour footage of Malta scenes

1954 - Haile Selassie in Malta

The king of Ethiopia is greeted by George Borg Olivier in 1954 - no sound, but interesting images

1951 - Convoy To Malta

Stunning underwater filming as narrator talks of how ships "die" just like the men who serve in them. The film is a tribute to all men who served in both the Royal and Merchant Navies. Various shots of bomb damaged Malta. Voice-over is John Snagge speaking on the BBC Home and Forces Programme about the arrival of the convoy in Malta.

1949 and 1954 visits of Princess, then Queen Elizabeth

1941 and 1942 - 'Malta Can Take It' and Alerts at Malta

More wartime footage of Malta and propaganda