Popular places worth visiting while in Malta

Would you like to visit Malta? There are multiple cities on this island that are worth visiting in 2022. Check our travel guide for more information


Is there someone on the planet Earth that does not like to travel? There are many exciting destinations in all parts of the globe where people can make some wonderful memories. However, lack of time and money do not allow us to travel that often. Because of that, we need to carefully pick destinations whenever we grab the opportunity to travel somewhere. 

One of the options that will certainly sound like a good idea is Malta. This island country in the south of Europe is one of the most popular destinations around the world. The beaches there are wonderful while the climate is decent almost during the entire year. The Mediterranean atmosphere is going to meet the expectations of everyone. There are destinations great for families, couples as well as young people that just want to party and have fun. 

If you have never been to Malta, then it is about time to get a couple of good reasons to change that this summer. In the further text, we will highlight the most popular travel destinations in Malta that people should visit in 2022. They are:

  • St. Julian's
  • Valletta
  • Qawra
  • Gozo
  • Mdina
  • Sliema

If you want to find out more about these destinations, continue reading! 

St Julian's 

While Valletta has something to offer to young people willing to party, St. Julian's has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife! Believe it or not, about 7500 people live here.  When you ask the locals that live there, many of them will tell you that St Julian's is the main place for gatherings of that type. That especially counts when we talk about the certain areas of the town such as:

  • St. George’s Bay
  • Spinola Bay
  • Paceville, and
  • Portomaso

We suggest you write down these names and visit them in case you end up in St Julian's. 

Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that this town has amazing beach bums. If you simply want to walk and boost your physical activity that way, there are long seafront promenades that will make that activity pleasing. 

Have you ever heard about Portomaso tower? It is the tallest building in the country. If you go to the top of the building, you will certainly have a beautiful view. It is especially nice for couples that want to make some romantic moments. 


It is probably not surprising that we start this list with the capital of Malta. Valletta is a town that has a long history and tradition. This town was occupied by Ottoman Turks. However, the brave Maltese warriors managed to defeat them in 1565. That is the moment when Valletta became the capital city of this charming country. 

Believe it or not, the entire town does not have more than 6000 citizens. However, every year, a big number of tourists come here to enjoy one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Generally speaking, this destination is perfect for all the people that simply love to meet different cultures. You will find out more about the history of this part of the world, battles against Turks, etc. 

But that doesn’t mean there is not something for people that want to have fun as well. There are multiple bars, restaurants, and nightclubs where you can enjoy at. Apart from that, there are also casinos in case you want to test your luck. It is not a secret that Malta is an online and offline gambling hub. You can check here to find the best online casinos in Malta in case you want to enjoy games from the hotel room.  


Bordering St Paul’s Bay and Salina Bay, Qawra is a renowned resort adored by an array of tourists from around the world.  Consequently, travel experts suggest this place to those people that are big fans of water sports and avid beachgoers. While Qawra is more peaceful than its neighbouring city of St Julians, places such as Café del mar are befitting for people who are set to take a dip into their pool and enjoy one of their cocktails. Contrastingly, there is the Malta National Aquarium for those who are looking for a serene family outing.


While Gozo’s terrain is minute and the nightlife is relatively scarce compared to its big sister, its natural landscape and panorama compensates in abundance. You will manage to enjoy a wide range of sites such as

  • The Citadel
  • Temples of Ggantija, and others

Our recommendation is to book a room somewhere near this island and visit only during the day. Come early in the morning and ensure yourself enough time to visit all the mentioned sites. Apart from that, you can also visit the villages of Xlendi and Marsalforn. There you can get familiar with the traditions of Malta. 


The “nickname” of this city probably says the full story. The locals here call it the Silent City. Once again, in terms of nightlife, there is nothing you could do here. However, when we talk about the medieval period, this is a bar of pure gold. You will not manage to enter this place in the car. That only confirms that the responsible people within this town truly wanted to keep the medieval spirit with no advanced technology. You will enjoy the silence, visit the Natural History Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Palazzo Falzon, and other places. We guarantee you won’t feel bored at any moment. 


You do not have to travel for hours to reach Sliema in case you plan to book a hotel room in Valletta. These two towns are around 5 km away, and you can easily reach that place even by bus. Just like Valletta, there are many things this town offers, and they can especially be interesting to younger people. 

Before everything, this place is full of shopping malls and small shops where you can purchase a wide range of stuff. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a huge number of restaurants where traditional Mediterranean food is prepared. Most of these things are so delicious that you would want to learn how to prepare them. 

Many years ago, when the Maltese aristocracy was still present, this was the main destination they liked to hang out. Today, this is the most popular destination for tourists around the globe that want to make memories during the summer months. There are more than 22 thousand people that are waiting for you and are willing to make you feel like you are at home. 

Do you like boat trips? Well, a lot of them are organized during the day. Of course, during the summer months, they are organized during the night as well. There are two different places we suggest you visit while spending your time in the town. Those two places are De Redin Tower (that was built in the 17th century) and Independence Garden. 

Nightlife? Sliema and St Julian's are synonyms for parties, restaurants, food, drinks, and music. So, this destination certainly is the best one for young tourists. 

Final Thought 

Visiting Malta is definitely going to be a good choice. You can be sure the atmosphere on this island is amazing and you will feel like you are at home. Some people feel even better, and they decide to buy the property and stay here after they retire. All the places we mentioned bring something different. Your task is to determine before buying a plane ticket what exactly you are looking for. We wish you a nice holiday!