General Workers’ Union welcomes ‘very positive budget’

The union says that the many social measures in the 2017 budget, such as increased subsidies on rent, increase in supplements and the introduction of an additional allowance for minimum-wage earners, are sure to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable in our society

General Workers' Union secretary general Josef Bugeja
General Workers' Union secretary general Josef Bugeja
Budget 2017 Reactions - GWU

The programme laid down in the government's budget for 2017 is a social one, built on a strong economy and including many welcome measures that are sure to improve the quality of life of many people, according to Josef Bugeja, secretary general of the General Workers' Union.

Bugeja praised the budget measures aimed at low income workers and at providing the means for workers to advance in their chosen profession.

"We were pleased to note that the government accepted many proposals we had presented," he said.

"These include increases in pensions, increases in supplements and the added allowance to be given to workers who earn a minimum age."

Bugeja said the union was particularly pleased that the government had introduced medical leave for cancer patients.

"Equally important is the introduction of the notion of 'equal wages for work of equal value' that we had also proposed," he said.

Bugeja said many measures would encourage and allow workers on a low income to learn new skills and advance in their place of work to positions with a higher wage.

“We have been insisting that – now that we have full employment in our country – government should incentivise workers and encourage them to seek to advance,” he said.

“These and other measures like the increased subsidies on rent, make this a very positive budget and one that should help those most vulnerable in our society to have a better quality of life.”

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