UHM welcomes in-work benefits and initiatives aimed at pensioners

Josef Vella says that excise on building materials punishes first time buyers and lack of measures aimed at middle-class are problematic

Budget 2017 Reactions - UHM

In a reaction to this evening’s budget speech, UHM have said that they are satisfied to see that the budget contains a number of measures aimed at pensioners. UHM president Josef Vella, said that UHM has been calling for more measures addressing the needs of pensioners who deserve more consideration that they have received so far.

Vella added that the UHM was also satisfied to see a number of initiatives aim at people with some form of disability, especially those who are unable to enter the workforce.

Vella however lamented a lack of measures aimed at the middle class as well as a lack of initiatives on cooperatives, which the UHM had called for in their pre-Budget proposals.

Vella also said that the UHM was disappointed that that no progress seems to have been made on the household budgetary survey.

Another point of concern for the UHM is the excise duty on building materials. Vella said that while the government was giving incentives to first time buyers, it was also punishing them with this duty on building materials necessary for completing their house.

The UHM is also satisfied to see more in work benefits, adding that this was in line with the UHMs philosophy.

Another positive measure is that of the setting up of a skills council, which Vella said, the UHM has been calling for a while and which will allow the country to better it’s workforce.

Finally, Vella said that the UHM was disappointed that no progress had been made on allowing workers to use their sick leave when their children are sick. He said that this was something that UHM would have liked to see enacted however there is nothing addressing this issue in the budget.

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