[WATCH] Malta Employers Association disappointed at lack of electricity bills cuts

MEA director general Joseph Farrugia says the association had been expecting a reduction in the cost of electricity and criticises the government’s decision to meddle with the mechanism establishing the cost of living adjustment

Budget 2017 Reactions - Malta Employers Association

It was a pity that the budget did not include any reductions in the cost of electricity, ‘despite the cost of fuel being what it is’, according to Joseph Farrugia, director general of the Malta Employers Association.

Portelli also criticised the fact that the government had decided to meddle with the cost of living adjustment, raising it to €1.75 per week in next year's budget,

Farrugia told MaltaToday that while it was true that the increase to the COLA would be absorbed in the coming years, the government should not have ignored the mechanism agreed upon by all social partners.

The COLA was actually calculated at €1.16 and the difference will be deducted from increases given in the coming years.

Farrugia said this budget was obviously one aimed at easing social burdens and did not include many measures aimed particularly at employers.

“It seems as though the government this year, because of the low unemployment and strong macro-economic indicators, focused mainly on addressing the issue of poverty.”

"However we were pleased to see measures such as that for transport provided by companies included," he said.

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