Adrian Delia says Budget failed to address people's concerns

Budget's green proposals are 'cosmetic tampering', Adrian Delia says

Opposition leader Adrian Delia in a post-Budget press conference
Opposition leader Adrian Delia in a post-Budget press conference

The budget has failed to address the problems the government has created, Opposition leader Adrian Delia has said. 

In a press conference following Finance Minister Edward Scicluna’s Budget speech on Monday evening, Delia stated that the government has failed to implement measures which address the problems felt by people. 

“The government is not even recognising the problems faced by the people, let alone addressing them,” Delia said. 

On measures related to traffic problems in Malta, Delia said that the government is yet to address the increase in cars and pollution. “From a series of measures that needed to be carried out, we have yet to see any being implemented which truly address the traffic problem in our country,” he said. 

The Opposition leader also said that no new investments have been carried out, while the financial sector is suffering from the bad reputation the government has built around it. 

“No new sectors have been created, while the government continues to boast about a GDP based on cheap labour,” Delia said, adding that the only methodology known to government is that of importing foreign workers.

“There is not one sector in which the government is looking to invest in,” he said.

With regard to teachers, Delia said that no incentives are being carried out to address the shortage of teachers in schools. 

“Under a PN administration we used to see a new school being built each year. Under a Labour administration, the government imports containers for our children,” he said. 

On the country’s institutions, Delia said that while the government was boasting about the rule of law, on Monday morning three ministers were working to prevent the truth about the Egrant inquiry in court.

On mental health, Delia said that while the government boasted about addressing the issue, all it will be doing is fixing a rundown hospital with poor administration.