Supplementary and foster care allowances set to increase in 2021

Those choosing to adopt locally will also benefit from €1,000 to cover adoption expenses

Added foster care allowance and an updated supplementary assistance mechanism will be implemented next year.

Foster care allowance will once again see an increase of €520 a year for a total of €5,720. In 2020 the allowance stood at €5,200, or a weekly €100.

Couples choosing to adopt locally will also be receiving €1,000 to help recover from expenses incurred throughout the adoption process.

The supplementary assistance mechanism will be updated further, with aid calculated according to income and marital status. This will see the supplementary allowance increase between €70 and €108 a year.

Persons aged 65 and above who sit on the at-risk-of-poverty line have until now be receiving an additional supplement of €150. This will be extended for those aged 65 and above who qualify for supplementary assistance regardless of their poverty status – further benefitting 29,000 people. 

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