‘Disappointed’ GWU says budget ignored union proposals

The GWU expressed disappointment at how 2012 Budget ignored ‘majority’ of union’s proposals such as increased minimum wage and six-month COLA revision.

Tony Zarb
Tony Zarb

In its reaction to the 2013 budget, the General Workers Union expressed its disappointment at how the Government "chose to ignore the majority of its proposals."

While it noted that the budget contained a number of positive measures, the GWO expressed "sorrow" that the Government re-confirmed the negative manner in which it acts towards the GWU.

Speaking about budget proposals the GWU said it had presented to Finance Minister Tonio Fenech, the union insisted that these were aimed towards improving the quality of life of Maltese and Gozitan people while cushioning burdens which the Nationalist government placed on the public's shoulders, "especially workers, pensioners, and families."

Among the proposal that government ignored, the GWU said, were proposals for an increase in minimum wage, and COLA adjustments to take place every six months, instead of every year, while also not being eroded by taxation and income tax.

The GWU said that it had called on government to "seriously address the problem of energy and lighten the burden of the energy, water, and gas prices for Maltese families," while also "increasing the maximum pension for those born before 1962 and ensuring that the minimum pensions does not drop lower than 60% of the average national income."

The union said that the Government's treatment of the GWU and its budget proposals "does not augur well for workers and pensioners" as it means that the Nationalist Government will similarly ignore them during the coming election.

The union said that it will be assembling its National Council to discuss the budget measures in detail and deliver the union's official reaction.