Forum against fuel tax increase

Forum says government should have introduced further measures that would have decreased tax evasion.

In its first reaction to Budget 2013, the 11-union confederation welcomed the government's implementation of several of its proposals.

"Proposals such as the adjustment of the tax bands from 35% to 32% with further decreases being assured in the 2014, 2015, the introduction or the continuation of various environmental friendly measures, special consideration to the national airline Airmalta, revision of pensions as to address several anomalies, the increase in Child Care Centres in industrial areas of Malta and Gozo, various educational incentives and the increase in Children allowances  are just a few examples of our proposals," Forum said in a statement.

It added that, overall, the budget was a positive one that should reduce the hardships on Maltese families and hopefully develop better jobs in the country.

It however expressed its opposition to the increase on fuel tax.

"Government should have introduced measures which would have decreased tax evasion," it said.

Forum welcomed that the financial incentive for minimum wage workers to obtain further education was now also extended to all low-income workers.