[WATCH] Minister reacts to arrests of dozens of traffic police who skived off work

Police force says contingency plan in place after dozens are arrested and suspended over abusive claims in overtime

Police make arrests after traffic cops caught claiming overtime abusively

The Malta police force has appealed for information from the public over an internal investigation it is carrying out in abusive practices by traffic policemen.

The force said it had conducted weeks of investigations and finally carried out arrests of dozens pf officers from the traffic section over abuse in overtime hours claimed.

“A contingency plan has been set in place for the absence of these officers; we will ensure continued enforcement of the law in our streets.”

The police appealed for information to be submitted confidentially at its internal investigations unit, on 2294-2201 or email [email protected].

The investigation came into being after a whistleblower spoke up of the abuse which had been going on for several months.

Home affairs minister Byron Camilleri said the police corps will be responsible for deciding whether to sack traffic cops who have been suspended.

Camilleri, who was fielding comments from journalists following an event on European 112 Day, did not disclose the specific number of officers who have been arrested and suspended or the time frame when the offences occurred.

"Police investigations are still underway," Camilleri said, "The numbers involved will be confirmed once investigations are complete."

"The final number will be known once any officers are charged in court once investigations are over," he emphasised.

Camilleri said that a contingency plan was in place which will see officers from other sections of the police covering for the suspended traffic cops.

Questioned on whether investigations on possible abuse within other sections of the corps were being carried out, Camilleri was non-committal. "The police are obliged to investigate everything and everyone if there are allegations in their regard," he said.

The minister added that, once investigations are complete, the police would prosecute the officers concerned. He also highlighted that, in the coming weeks, the new prosecutor general's office would be taking over this duty from the police.