Building collapse: Five remain under arrest

Police investigations into the building collapse that killed Miriam Pace last Monday are ongoing

Miriam Pace was found under the rubble after an eight-hour search
Miriam Pace was found under the rubble after an eight-hour search

Five men linked to Monday's Hamrun building collapse remain under arrest. 

Three have been re-arrested on Friday after being released on police bail, police have said. Another has been released on bail for the time being. Two others have remained under arrest.

The six men – the project architect, the site technical officer, the contractors engaged by the developer and two contractor employees – are all aiding the police in the investigation, a police statement said on Friday.

The building that collapsed was adjacent to the construction site where excavation works were taking place.

Miriam Pace's life was claimed in the incident. She had been inside her house when it came crashing down. She was found beneath the rubble after an eight-hour search.

Pace's funeral was held at the Carmelite Church in Valletta on Thursday as the packed church bid her farewell. 

Officiating the funeral mass, Archbishop Charles Scicluna delivered a strong message, calling for justice.

“We are not asking for much; all we want is to feel safe in our own home,” he said.

Monday’s incident was the first fatal building collapse since a spate of similar incidents occurred last year.

The police said investigations are ongoing as is the magisterial inquiry led by Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit.