Man held after police drugs raid in Marsa

30 year-old man arrested inside the premises. A 45 year-old woman from St. Paul's Bay was also arrested.

Police during the raid the garage in Marsa (Photo: CMRU)
Police during the raid the garage in Marsa (Photo: CMRU)

A 30 year-old man from Marsa was arrested late on Friday night in a raid on a Marsa garage by the police Drugs Squad.

The raid came after days of observation and reconnaissance, the police said in a statement Saturday afternoon. After ascertaining that the garage was being used to sell drugs, the police made the decision to move in and cut open the metal garage doors. The man was arrested inside the premises.

Rapid Intervention Unit officers assisted as the drugs squad searched the garage, finding several bags containing sachets of suspected cocaine and heroin, as well as an amount of what police suspect to be crack. A set of weighing scales, several knives and other objects related to drugs were also found at the garage.

A 45 year-old woman from St. Paul’s Bay was also arrested at the scene, after she was found in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Magistrate Astrid May Grima appointed several experts to assist her in the magisterial inquiry which is underway.