Court upholds Yorgen Fenech’s request for Keith Schembri’s mobile data to be presented in court

Fenech wants Superintendent Keith Arnaud removed from investigations into his alleged involvement in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder on the argument that Arnaud enjoyed close ties with Keith Schembri

The Constitutional Court has upheld a request to have Keith Schembri’s mobile phone data presented in a case opened by Yorgen Fenech for the removal of Superintendent Keith Arnaud from investigations into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Judge Lawrence Mintoff has given the go-ahead to have a copy of all data extracted from the former chief of staff’s mobile phone as evidence in the case to have Arnaud removed from the investigation.

Fenech’s team gave various reasons in favour of Arnaud’s removal, among which was that the superintendent had close ties to Schembri.

During the sitting, State Advocate Chris Soler declared that the Commissioner of Police had exhibited a copy of all the data extracted from Keith Schembri’s mobile phone as given to him and provided by the inquiring magistrate.

Soler said that this could affect ongoing investigations but confirmed that the commissioner will comply with the court’s request so long as the information does not fall into the hands of unauthorised third parties.

He added that the commissioner would like the court to warn anyone who shares the data or makes improper use of it that their actions will have consequences.

The court accepted his request and asked that a representative of the Commissioner of Police come testify at the next hearing.