Two men caught stealing from Żabbar construction site

The men were arrested and taken to the Floriana lock-up for further investigation

Two men have been arrested after police caught them stealing equipment from a construction site.

Police said they received information at 2am on Friday morning that there were people stealing from a construction site at Triq Patri Feliċjan Grech in Żabbar.

When police went to the site, they noticed suspicious movements and sounds. They entered and saw signs of forced entry and conducted a search on each level.

As they reached the top floor, police found a man hiding behind a door. Another person was found hiding under some plastic. Both were arrested.

From preliminary investigations, police found that two of the men were making use a vehicle that was found parked at Triq il-Berebis. Several items were seized from this vehicle, including tools, wires and extensions.

Separate searches were conducted at the homes of the two men. Several other items were found, including a chaser and a large amount of tools and wires.

The men, aged 51 and 46, and both living in Birzebbuġa, were taken to the Floriana lock-up for further investigation.