Father accused of groping, harassing his 12-year-old daughter

When the accused was confronted by police he told them he was just ‘joking’ and meant nothing by the actions

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File photo

A 52-year-old man, whose details are subject to a publication ban, has been charged with groping his 12-year-old daughter and harassing her.

Inspector Joseph Busuttil told magistrate Joe Mifsud that the girl, who was still in the early stages of puberty, had contacted the Domestic Violence Unit to report that her father had been doing things to her, including touching her inappropriately, for the past year.

The girl’s mother would also tell the defendant to stop groping the young girl’s chest and buttocks, he said.

He went on to say that when the police asked the father about this, he told them that he had just been “joking” with his daughter and meant nothing by the actions. Inspector Busuttil told the court that the girl had also opened up to a school counsellor about this.

The man was charged with performing acts of a sexual nature without consent on the child and harassing her.

He pleaded not guilty. No request for bail was made.

Lawyer Brandon Kirk Muscat was Legal Aid defence counsel.

Inspectors Joseph Busuttil and Doriette Cuschieri prosecuted, assisted by Lawyers Sean Gabriel Azzopardi and Danika M. Vella from the Attorney General's Office.