Romanian inmate placed under probation, anger management therapy

Romanian inmate punches Osman Omar during prison argument.

A Romanian inmate at Corradino prisons, was placed under probation for three years, and ordered to attend anger management therapy classes, after he was found guilty of causing serious injury to a fellow inmate with a punch.

Nicholai Florica, 27 of Bucharest who is currently being held under preventative arrest for theft, was charged for causing serious harm to Somali inmate Omar Osman, by breaking his jaw with a punch.

The incident goes back to July 2012, when Florica punched Osman for having tried to calm his frustration at being held in prison pending what he described as "minor theft" case.

Osman however had replied that he had been held in prison for five years without sentencing, and that the Romanian's plight was nothing compared to his.

After hearing Osman testify about the incident, and forgive Florica, Magistrate Saviour Demicoli found the Romanian guilty of violent assault and causing serious injury.

Florica was placed under probation for three years, and was also ordered to attend an anger management course.

Lawyer Roberto Montalto appeared for Florica.