Drug trafficker lands jail term

Court jails young trafficker after 22 sachets of cocaine are found in his possession.

Terence Cini, 28 of Qormi was imprisoned for three years four months after being apprehended in Marsa carrying 22 sachets of cocaine.

Inspector Herman Mula presented in court bank notes amounting to €400 which were found on Cini during his arrest. A number of blades, a container of sodium bicarbonate and three seized mobile phones were also exhibited as evidence in court. Cini was also charged with committing a crime during the term of a suspended sentence and of relapsing.

The inspector told the court that Cini had told the police the drugs were his, however he had remained silent when questioned over trafficking of drugs.

Defence lawyer Joe Giglio pleaded with the court to consider Cini's guilty plea and the fact that he had collaborated with the police.

Magistrate Ian Farrugia Sentenced Cini to 16 months' imprisonment. Together with this prison term, Cini has to serve a further two-year jail term which became effective after he breached the terms of a suspended sentence.