Three detention officers charged with involuntary homicide of migrant

The former deputy commandant of the Detention Services and two former officers have been charged with the involuntary murder of Nigerian migrant Ifeanyi Nwokaye, following his attempt to escape in 2011.

Roderick Azzopardi, 29 of Zabbar, Aldo Simiana, 41 of Birkirkara and Carmela Camilleri, 55 of Zurrieq, were today charged with the involuntary murder of Nigerian migrant Ifeanyi Nwokaye in 2011.

Azzopardi is a former deputy commandant of the Detention Service while Simiana and Camilleri are former officers at the same unit.

On 16 April 2011 six migrants escaped from the Hal Far Detention centre but two, were apprehended soon after. One of these was 29-year-old Ifeanyi Nwokaye. Other migrants alleged with police officers that deputy commandant Roderick Azzopardi had beaten the migrant during his arrest.

While standing orders state that following an escape a migrant should be seen by a doctor, Nwokaye was not medically checked.

Officers Simiana and Camilleri were accused of failing to ensure that the standing order was adhered to, prior to putting Nwokaye in isolation, and still in handcuffs. The migrant died from cardiac arrest an hour after being left on the floor of the isolation cell.

The defence counsel demanded that the prosecuting inspector confirms that Nwokaye did not die due to any violent act or injuries. From the witness stand, Inspector Keith Arnaud confirmed that the cause of death was cardiac arrest. Subsequently the defence argued that the charge of involuntary homicide could not stand.

Police Inspector Keith Arnaud is prosecuting while lawyers Steve Tonna Lowell and Veronique Dalli are appearing for the accused.

Put these killers to jail. Justice!!! No more racist killings, it's time that justice is done with everyone!
Agree with Popeye. At Avukat- Are you above the law? They have not handled the situation well and they have to pay the consequences. So you say it is okay that the man died? You probably would say that because he was an immigrant, he 'd deserve to die. At Ziga- detention officers victims my ass. What we expect the detention officers to do is handle situations as they were told. If the Nigerian risked crossing the mad waters, he was probably a victim in his country and deserved refuge. His asylum papers were probably not seen to yet so who are you to say he broke the law. In international law, everyone has the right to seek asylum in another country if they face persecution in their own. Killing, voluntarily or not deserves punishment!!
Wake-up from this sleep, get an autopsy so we can clearly see the beat mark comments and then of what the poor person really died of. Police always lie when they mishandle their captives. Please note that there are scum policeman too and this should surface and when it does, then dump the ex policemen behind bars and let them become wives I say.
The detention officers are the victims here. They have been found guilty because the EU, with the help of Malmstrom is gripped with political correctness madness. The Nigerian migrant should not have been in Malta in the first place. Firstly he broke the law by coming through the back door. Secondly he broke the law by escaping from the detention service. What did one expect the detention officers to do in this case???? Reward the migrant and put him on a pedestall for breaking the law? I am certain the migrant was violent when the detention officers caught up with him and the officers acted in self defense. Malta did not ask for this trouble, an illegal invasion from Libya straight onto our shores. The officers should be freed as they are victims of Malmstrom's mad policies on Europe!!!!!
The charge should not stand as it has got nothing to do with what was alleged. I hope that the accused are not made scapegoats to satisfy the illegal immigrants defenders.