Ukrainian sailor admits to concealing gun in luggage

36-year-old Ukrainian fined, conditionally discharged for the illegal possession and importation of a firearm.

A 36-year-old Ukrainian sailor was this morning conditionally discharged for six months and handed a €750 fine after pleading guilty to concealing a pneumatic gun in his luggage.

Prosecuting inspector Silvio Magro told the court that the accused was on his way to Ukraine on Tuesday when X-ray machines spotted the concealed gun in the man’s luggage. The man was subsequently arrested by police.

During interrogation it was revealed that the accused, Oleksander Halkin, had brought the gun to Malta when he had arrived by boat.

Standing before the court this morning, Halkin, who appeared visibly emotional during proceedings, admitted to being in possession of a firearm, and to importing a firearm into Malta.

In its decree, the court noted that the firearm is a pneumatic gun, and that consequently it does not fire any bullets, but instead fires projectiles by means of air pressure.

The court fined him €750 for being in possession of the firearm, and conditionally discharged him for six months for the illegal importation of the weapon.

Inspector Silvio Magro prosecuted while lawyer Mark Zammit Cutajar prosecuted.