Convicted thief who was given bail three times jailed

25-year-old thief with 13 previous convictions jailed for two and a half years for breaching three separate bails, and of being in possession of tools notoriously used to commit a theft. 

A convicted thief who was released on three separate bails and a probation order, has been jailed for two-and-half years after being found guilty of being in possession of tools notoriously used in thefts.

The court heard how on July 12, the accused, Jonathan Felice, 25, of Qormi, and another man were spotted acting suspiciously in Triq Monsinjur Frendo, Qormi at around 6.05pm.

Upon arriving to investigate, Constables Ryan Pisani and Nigel Mallia spotted Felice wearing a long-sleeved jacket, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. When the police approached Felice and the other man, the two threw a bag on the ground, and ran off.

In the bag police found a crowbar, a long screwdriver, socks, and a shirt – items notoriously used to break in houses.

The accused was later apprehended at a nearby street, while the second suspect managed to run away. Upon arresting him, Felice told the police that he was running because he thought his bail curfew had lapsed, even though it was only 6.15pm – nearly two hours before his curfew would have lapsed.

However, Felice changed his version in court, and claimed that he was jogging to lose weight. Asked by Magistrate Marseann Farrugia as to why he was wearing a long-sleeved jacked in the July heat, Felice told the court that he needed to lose weight, and that on the day, his afternoon jog was abruptly halted by the police.

The Magistrate however rejected Felice’s plea, claiming that it is more possible that the accused was wearing the jacket to cover his tattoos as these made him easily recognisable. 

The court also heard that even though the police had lost sight of the accused, Felice was nevertheless recognisable because he was the only one wearing a long-sleeved jacket in July. 

In her decree, Magistrate Marseann Farrugia noted that the man has been convicted 13 times, which offences range from thefts, simple possession of cannabis, as well as holding people against their will.

“The accused has been given several opportunities to reform, including bail, and three probation orders. However, he refused to take advantage of this opportunity and relapsed,” the court said.

Moreover, the court expressed its concern at the accused’s lack of motivation to find work, and warned that this would only lead to delinquency.

Jonathan Felice was found guilty of being in possession of tools notoriously used for theft, of breaching three separate bails, of breaching a probation order, and of relapsing.

Inspector Roderick Agius prosecuted.