Sicilian cannabis dealer jailed

26-year-old Sicilian man jailed after admitting to trafficking cannabis, and being in possession of 20 grams of cannabis.

A Sicilian construction worker has been sentenced to eight months in prison and fined €1,000 after pleading guilty to trafficking cannabis.

Damian Calisti, 26, of Lentini, Sicily, also pleaded guilty to being in possession of 20 grams of cannabis, and of breaching bail conditions.

Prosecuting Inspector Nikoli Sant told the court that police had observed several people leaving the accused’s residence in St Julian’s.

After conducting investigations and interrogating the people leaving this house, it transpired that the accused had been selling cannabis. Calisti was arrested 30 July..

In handing down its decree, the court noted that the accused had cooperated with the police and its investigations. Nevertheless, the court argued that the drug find denoted that it was not for his personal use and that Calisti had breached bail conditions.

Presiding Magistrate Francesco Depasquale sentenced Damiano Calisti to eight months behind bars, and fined him €1,000.

Inspector Nikolai Sant prosecuted, while lawyer Gianluca Caruana Curran represented the accused.