Imniehru murder suspect makes bail, released from prison

Jason Galea, the man charged with the murders of Mario Camilleri 'l-Imniehru' and his 21-year-old son, and taxi-driver Matthew Zahra released from prison after managing to pay €60,000 in deposits. 

Jason Galea - the man accused of committing the double murder of Mario Camilleri ‘l-Imniehru’ and his 21-year-old son Mario Jnr in August 2013 – has been released from prison after managing to pay €60,000 in deposit.

In separate proceedings, Jason Galea, alongside Ronald Urry, is charged with the murder of taxi-driver Matthew Zahra back in August 2012. Zahra’s remains were allegedly unearthed buried next to the Camilleri bodies in a field in Qajjenza, limits of Birzebbugia.

Galea is pleading not guilty to both murders.

In July, Galea, alongside his half-brother George Galea, was granted bail against a deposit of €30,000 for his part in the Imniehru murders. A few days later, Magistrate Josette Demicoli followed suit and granted Galea and Urry bail against a deposit of €30,000 each for their part in the Matthew Zahra murder.

Despite being granted bail, Galea, as well as his half-brother George and Ronald Urry, remained in prison after failing to come up with enough money to pay for the deposit.

However, sources told MaltaToday, that two months after being granted bail, Jason Galea has managed to gather enough money to pay for his deposit.

Galea is said to have paid €30,000 in cash to make bail for the Imniehru case, and is said to have put up property as a guarantee for the €30,000 needed to make bail in the Zahra murder case.

Jason Galea will also be held under house arrest, and ordered to sign a bail book twice daily. He is also prohibited from going abroad, and from approaching any witnesses, including those who have already testified.

During previous sittings, the court heard how Jason Galea shot Mario Camilleri l-Imniehru twice in the head before driving off to a field in Tal-Qajjenza, limits of Birzebbugia.

Camilleri’s 21-year-old son was repeatedly hit by a loose tile lying nearby, and later, Jason Galea is said to have repeatedely stabbed him before finishing him off with two shots.