Chinese woman admits to airport police bribery attempt

30 year old Ren Xiuju had tried to stuff cash into the pocket of a policewoman after being denied entry to the islands

A Chinese woman has been handed a suspended sentence after she admitted to attempting to bribe a policeman at the airport.

30 year old Ren Xiuju, who arrived in Malta yesterday had, for reasons which are unclear, been refused entry into the islands and had refused to board a return flight. The police were called, at which point the woman asked to go to the bathroom and was escorted there by a policewoman.

Police Inspector Silvio Magro told Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera how the woman had emerged from her toilet cubicle shortly afterwards bearing a wad of cash, which she then tried to stuff into the pocket of the policewoman, ostensibly in the hope of being allowed to escape.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended for four. The court also imposed a removal order and confiscated the €1500 cash found on the woman's person.

Lawyer Joseph Mizzi appeared as legal aid for the woman.


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