Man jailed for theft one day after release from prison

Abdihukun Abdulkadir Mohamud completed a prison sentence for stealing a truck, one day before being caught stealing a phone and some cash

A Somali who was arrested yesterday - less than one day after leaving prison - has been jailed again for six months this morning.

This morning, before magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera, inspector Josric Mifsud charged Abdihukun Abdulkadir Mohamud, of Safi, with stealing a Samsung mobile phone and €60 in cash from a woman at the Zabbar Shooting Club on the 4 April.

Mohamud, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty. "Yesterday I take mobile and after five minutes I gave it back to the owner," he later claimed.

Inspector Mifsud confirmed that the stolen items had indeed been returned to their rightful owner.

The court noted that it could not give a suspended sentence as the accused is a recidivist and neither could it hand a fine as he is indigent.

Mohamud had been released from prison the day before, having served time for stealing a truck.

Lawyer Martin Fenech was legal aid to the accused.