Nadur man injured at work transferred to Malta for hospital treatment

A 61-year-old man suffered grievous injuries whilst he was loading stone slabs onto a truck

A 61-year-old man was brought to Malta from Gozo after injuring himself whilst loading stone slabs onto a truck.

At around 3.45pm, the police were informed of a man, of Nadur, that had been taken to the Gozo General Hospital for injuries sustained.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the man fell off the truck as he was loading the raw material. The incident took place at around 1.30pm, in the yard of a private complex in Triq il-Fanal, Ghasri.

At Gozo’s hospital, the man was found to have suffered serious injuries. The extent of his injuries required the man’s transfer to Mater Dei Hospital.

An investigation by the police is underway. A magisterial inquiry has been launched.

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