Man accused of kidnapping remanded in custody

The court heard how the man was found to be hosting several other people in a garage

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man accused of kidnapping and injuring another man was denied bail and remanded in custody on Sunday afternoon.

Appearing before magistrate Audrey Demicoli, Renald Baldacchino was charged with threatening and slightly injuring Pierre Sammut in a garage in Triq il-Mejjilla.

Baldacchino was also charged with being in possession of a number of stolen items.

Prosecuting inspectors Shaun Friggieri and Roderick Agius told the court that the police had also found a number of other persons living in the garage, though they did not know why.

Lawyer Noel Bianco, appearing on behalf of Baldacchino insisted that his client was only trying to help those in need, pointing out that hosting homless people was not a crime.

Bianco said that his client had collaborated with the police and had always obeyed bail conditions imposed by the court.

The prosecution however pointed out that it wasn’t the first time the accused had been charged in court, and that he had had ample time to rehabilitate himself.

The court turned down bail and remanded the man in custody.