Three men charged with theft in Gozo denied bail

Magistrate Paul Coppini denied bail in two separate cases involving three men charged with aggravated theft in Gozo

The three men were charged in the Gozo court
The three men were charged in the Gozo court

Three men have been arraigned in a Gozo court on charges of aggravated theft and have been refused bail.

The police said the men had been accused of stealing from a residence in Nadur, Gozo on August 26, causing voluntary damage to third party property, receiving stolen goods and recidivism. The items stolen were worth over €2000.

In a separate arraignment, a 26 year old from Libya, residing in Victoria, Gozo, was accused of stealing a mobile phone, a tablet computer and alcohol as well as cash from a restaurant in Xlendi. He was also accused of receiving stolen goods, voluntary damage and recidivism.

All three men pleaded not guilty. Bail was not granted in either case. Inspector Bernard Charles Spiteri prosecuted.

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