Man charged with threatening brother with shotgun in argument over Handaq field

The two came to blows after a heated argument got out of control

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Two brothers in their sixties have been arraigned in court this morning, on charges of threatening each other in a dispute over a field in Handaq, limits of Qormi.

Francis Mifsud, 62, and his 67-year-old brother Carmel appeared in the dock before magistrate Claire Stafrace, the latter sporting a black eye.

The two came to blows after a heated argument at the Handaq field got out of control. At a point, Carmel Mifsud was punched in the eye and had then allegedly threatened his brother with a shotgun.

Carmel Mifsud was charged with carrying a firearm during the commission of a crime against the person, taking up arms against another person, carrying a shotgun without a licence, threatening Francis Mifsud, attacking and insulting him and breaching the peace.

Francis Mifsud was charged with grievously injuring his brother, insulting and threatening him and breaching the peace.

In separate arraignments this morning, both men pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The magistrate granted bail to both men, against separate deposits of €300 and personal guarantees of €8000 each.

Lawyer Albert Zerafa appeared for Francis Mifsud, whilst lawyers Paul Borg and Clint Tabone defended Carmel Mifsud.

Inspector Alfredo Mangion prosecuted both cases.

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