Rowdy teenage tourists end up in court

The two teenagers were arrested after threatening police officers who were trying to contain their noisy carousing

Two teenage holidaymakers have ended up on the wrong side of the law after they caused a rowdy drunken disturbance in the early hours of Friday morning.

Jordy Marechal, 18, and Rick Ronaldus Markus Wilting, 19, both Dutch nationals, were arrested after threatening officers who were trying to contain their noisy carousing along the St Julian’s seafront at around 3am.

Police officers at the St Julian's Police Station were alerted by shouting in the vicinity of the LOVE monument and upon investigating, came across the, clearly intoxicated, young men.

After police officers had quietened down the two revelers and moved on, the men had ran back towards the officers, while insulting and threatening them, refusing to obey the police officers’ orders.

This verbal confrontation led to the arrest of the men.

Standing side by side in the dock, the two youths pleaded guilty to the charges.

They also admitted to charges of breaching the peace and to having been drunk in public.

Lawyer Martin Fenech, legal aid to the youths, told the court that the two were students with limited financial means who had also been robbed just days ago.

The two youths were sorry for their actions and were ready to pay for their misdeeds Fenech said, also telling the court that the pair had already booked a flight out of the country for today week.

Having heard the submissions and in view of their early guilty plea and cooperation with the police, magistrate Aaron Bugeja conditionally discharged them for six months and fined them both €800, giving them four days in which to pay.

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