Man dies after falling into sea in Sliema

The 26-year-old man died after falling into the sea and being dragged out by waves resulting from the stormy weather currently hitting Malta

The accident occurred at 4:20pm, Exiles waterfront
The accident occurred at 4:20pm, Exiles waterfront

A man has died, and another two were hospitalised with slight injuries on Wednesday after a foreign national fell into the sea near Exiles in Sliema.

The accident occurred at 4:20pm near Exiles waterfront.

The police said an investigation revealed that a 26-year-old Ukrainian man residing in St. Julian’s had fallen into the sea. An attempt to recuse the man was made by two other Ukrainian men aged 25 and 26-years old both residing in St Julians. The two men had jumped into the water to assist the man. However, the victim could not be seen due to the high waves.

An ambulance took the two men to Mater Dei Hospital for medical assistance, while the Armed Forces of Malta were called on site to search for the missing man.

The man was later found dead, while the other two men were certified as suffering from slight injuries.

A Magisterial Inquiry has been appointed into the case.

An investigation is currently ongoing.

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