Updated | Man found dead in prison cell

The man had been awaiting trial for attempted murder

This is the second such case in three months
This is the second such case in three months

Updated at 10:48am with PN statement

A 39-year-old prisoner was found dead in his cell yesterday evening in Division II.

A statement from the Corradino Corrective Facility said that the man was found dead after 5pm.

The prisoner was Maltese and had been awaiting trial for attempted murder and domestic violence. TVM reported that the 39-year-old committed suicide in his cell.

The Police said that they are currently carrying out an investigation. The prison is also holding an internal inquiry.

This is the second such case in three months with a 26-year-old inmate found dead in his cell in December.

PN says political responsibility should be shouldered

The Nationalist Party said that the death of another person at Corradino is testament to how government is failing with prison reform.

"No prisoner, whatever he has done, should be allowed to end his life during his incarceration at Corradino," the PN said in a statement.

It added that the situation in prison is a dire one despite the government's public relations boasting about prison reform. The PN said that while it's important that inmates are punished for their crimes, it's likewise important to reform and rehabilitate the prisoners.

"The government is failing in rehabilitating the inmates and has allowed a person to lose his life from underneath its nose, a life that should have been going through proper rehabilitation," the statement read.

The PN has asked for responsibility to be shouldered and asked Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia to shoulder political responsibility amd answer for this failure.