€33,000 fine for undeclared cash

The man was accused of carrying €25,058 in excess undeclared cash as he pleaded guilty to charges 

A man has lost a lot of money by trying to leave Malta with undeclared cash.

Georgian man Merab Beridze appeared before duty magistrate Neville Camilleri yesterday, accused of failing to declare that he was carrying over €10,000 in cash as he pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him.

Magistrate Camilleri reminded the man of the consequences of his admission stressing that he could be jailed but after being given time to reconsider, the man repeated his guilty plea.

A Customs officer exhibited the confiscated money in excess of €10,000, a total of €25,058.

Under Maltese law, the punishment for this crime is a fine of 25% of the global amount, €35,058, which comes to €8764.50

The prosecution told the court that jurisprudence on the matter was constant with regards to such cases.

Lawyer Josette Sultana, legal aid, added that the accused had cooperated with the police.

Beridze was fined €8764 and had €25,058 confiscated.

Inspector Keith Vella prosecuted.

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