Man charged with animal cruelty after killing dog in front of police

A man who allegedly killed his own dog in front of police has been remanded in custody

A man who allegedly killed his own dog in front of police by swinging it from its hind legs and bashing it against a table has been remanded in custody.

Bakery assistant Leon Borg, appeared before magistrate Josette Demicoli this morning after he was arrested on Sunday.

Inspector Christina Delia charged Borg, 22, with causing an animal to endure unnecessary suffering, violently resisting arrest, breaking a mobile phone belonging to his mother, breaching two suspended sentences and violating his bail conditions.

Amongst other past crimes, Borg had been charged in 2016 with punching a woman in the head with a knuckleduster.

The court heard the inspector explain how the police had been called to a residence in Birkirkara on 21 July to deal with the accused, whose mother reported that he had been aggressive – thought to be due to drug withdrawal symptoms. When the police got there and spoke to the accused, he had smashed his mother’s mobile phone in their presence and then picked up the animal from its hind legs and started hitting it against a bedside table. The dog later died of its injuries, she said.

Lawyer Simon Micallef Stafrace legal aid entered a not guilty plea. The lawyer explained that the accused may have been under the influence of certain medicinals at the time and was not in full control of his actions.

Bail was not requested.

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