Man who killed own Chihuahua in front of police suffered from withdrawal symptoms

A man who allegedly killed his own pet dog in front of police officers has been denied bail

Leon Borg
Leon Borg

A man who allegedly killed his own pet dog in front of police officers had told them that he was suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms.

Leon Borg, who stands accused of cruelty to animals, had been arrested on July 21 after his mother called the police to their home, one police sergeant told magistrate Joe Mifsud this morning. Her son was in a confused and disoriented state, she had said, adding that her son had consumed a box of pills and had become aggressive. It later emerged that he had not actually taken the pills, said the sergeant.

Rapid Intervention Unit officers were also dispatched to the scene.

Borg was found on the roof of his house. He was taken down without offering any resistance and showed the police his medication.

Things started to go wrong soon after that, however. One officer said that the man had “flipped” when he saw his brother. “Later he went into the bedroom…his brother was holding a mobile phone and Leon smashed it on the floor.”

A small black Chihuahua, one of two in the house, started barking, said the officer. “Leon picked it up gently and suddenly smashed it against a cupboard.” A commotion ensued after which the dog was taken into the kitchen. An animal ambulance was called as the dog was still alive at that point, bleeding from the mouth. It died a couple of hours later, he said.

“Later he told me ‘I didn’t know what I was doing,’ that he has a drug problem and was in withdrawal,” explained the officer.

The accused had struggled with officers and had to be handcuffed.

Lawyer Simon Micallef Stafrace requested bail, but this was denied. The accused will be held in prison until the next sitting in October and will be given psychological and medical help, according to court orders.

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