Dalli deplores ‘false and libellous’ allegations by Busuttil

Former European Commissioner takes exception at allegations made by PN leader, and repeated by TV presenter despite his categorical denial.

Former European commissioner John Dalli hit out at Opposition leader Simon Busuttil this evening, over allegations aired by the PN leader in a radio interview last Sunday, and repeated during the week by TV presenter (and former PN executive president) Pierre Portelli.

"Last Sunday, in a radio interview that was reported in all newspapers, Simon Busuttil made an allegation in my regard which I rebutted that same day. And yet, in his programme on the national station today [Tuesday], Pierre Portelli alleged that nobody had rebutted these allegations."

The allegations in question were that John Dalli's recent appointment as a health consultant to government had been agreed to between the Labour Opposition and the former European Commissioner before the last election.

The PN leader alleged that this agreement was already in place before Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit declared that there was no case against Dalli in connection with an alleged bribery attempt involving a major European tobacco company.

In his statement, Dalli reproduced an excerpt from a letter he wrote to Busuttil following these allegations: "You [Busuttil] said that the fact that the Prime Minister had offered me a position the day after the Police Commissioner made his declaration gave you to udnerstand that there was an agreement from beforehand between myself and the Priem minister. This is false and libellous.

"I made it clear during two interviews I gave on Tuesday 11 June, three days after the Commissioner's statement, that I was ready to offer my services for the good of the country, regardless of any political alignment required by my services."

Nobody had the right to indulge in baseless speculation about others, the former European Commissioner said.

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emmanuel grech
Kull meta jiftah halqu dan Busuttil hlief gideb u insinwazzjonijiet foloz mhux qed jghid. Dan l-ahhar kellna l-gidba tax-xiri tal-voti mill-PL u issa hareg jivvinta fuq l-ex Ministru Nazzjonalista John Dalli. Id-delegati tal-PN qed jishtu l-mument li ghazlu lil dan Simon is-Semplici fuq Mario Demarco. X'differenza!
Josanne Cassar
One by one all those who have concocted against former Commissioner Dalli are having their mask coming down.
John Dalli has always been consistent with his statements and have always proved truthful. On the other hand Simon Busuttil since returning from Europe has not stopped lying, twisting facts, fabricating stories in tune with his clique and masters who pull all the strings. Busuttil is just following in the footsteps of Gonzi. You cannot even notice the difference between them except their age. There is no doubt that John Dalli is saying the truth and has said the truth all along. The clique now overriding Busuttil has always been expert at framing up people.
Simon Busuttil ma jitghallem qatt. Il-PN bih gas down gol hajt
Karl Cucciardi
Just sue them John. I never forget that you helped me when I needed your help even though those around you told you that I belonged to the other party. As a real gentleman you never asked anything in return. Thank you John.
Why is it that Pierre Portelli has been allowed to continue spiting venom on PBS. We deserve a better and fairer service from PBS please press the button GAME OVER without furthur delay!

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