Divorce referendum preparation ‘unsatisfactory’ and ‘rushed’ - PL

The Electoral Commission’s preparations for the divorce referendum were “unsatisfactory and rushed", said Labour spokesperson for home affairs Michael Falzon.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Falzon said the lack of police presence during the voting document distribution process did not leave satisfactory results, “aside from the phenomenal expense that this process incurred – an expense that will be shouldered by our collective taxes.”

Similarly, Falzon said, Air Malt’s arrangements for the cheap referendum flights “were done far later than usual, and were characterised by confusion and a lack of transparency in how they were managed.”

Falzon also reiterated that, aside from the way electoral preparations are being handled, it is “shameful” that thanks to the Nationalist party’s stance in the Electoral Commission, “around 2,800 youth will be denied the right to vote in the upcoming referendum.”

Falzon augured that the electoral process “is managed far better than it has been so far, for the sake of true democracy and with full respecting the will of the Maltese and Gozitan people.”