Magistrate’s decree confirms Busuttil 'has no evidence against me' – Muscat

Defiant Labour leader appears before Ghaxaq residents accusing the PN leader of having thrown Malta into a state of instability ‘because he rested on lies and rumours’

Labour leader Joseph Muscat addresses Ghaxaq political activity
Labour leader Joseph Muscat addresses Ghaxaq political activity

A magistrate’s decree ordering that allegations leveled by the leader of the Nationalist Party, against OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, should be looked into by a new magistrate “confirms that Simon Busuttil based his allegations against me and my wife on nothing”, Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat said.

Addressing a boisterous crowd in Hal Ghaxaq, Muscat said that he looked forward to the day that Magistrate Aaron Bugeja publishes the inquiry into Egrant Inc, which was launched after Muscat’s wife, Michelle, was accused of owning a share in the infamous Panamanian company.

This evening, it emerged that Bugeja issued a decree on a complaint by Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, who alleged kickbacks were paid to chief of staff Keith Schembri, that the complaint will have to be investigated by a new duty magistrate.

“The magistrate basically told Busuttil that the evidence you presented has nothing to do with the inquiry,” Muscat said, to claps and shouts of “Joseph! Joseph!”

“The magistrate said that Busuttil’s documents must be looked into by another magistrate and, if enough evidence is found, an investigation will be launched.”

Whilst he strayed from allegations that his chief of staff received kickbacks over the sale of passports, Muscat sought to drive home the message that the PN had nothing on him.

“Busuttil drove Malta into a state of instability basing himself on lies and rumours. After all those allegations, he has nothing.”

The Labour leader said he welcomed all possible inquiries, “so that the truth will out”. He added that the PN had now even lobbied with the EP’s committee on Panama Papers to request Muscat to appear before the committee.

Muscat said that he will appear before the committee, but only once the inquiry concludes its investigation and confirms that the Egrant allegation “was just a lie.”