Gozitans urged to vote Labour as Muscat talks of economic boom ‘yet to come’

In Rabat on Saturday evening, Labour leader Joseph Muscat tells Gozitans of all the work and business they’re going to experience once the medical school by Barts opens its doors

PL leader Joseph Muscat welcomed by party faithful in Gozo
PL leader Joseph Muscat welcomed by party faithful in Gozo

Gozitans were strongly encouraged to vote for the Labour Party in next month’s general election with Prime Minister, and Labour leader, Joseph Muscat encouraging his supporters to vote for all PL candidates.

Addressing the crowds that gathered in Rabat, Gozo, Muscat urged each and every one of those present to spread the word for a Labour vote.

“You have a fantastic list of candidates… after voting for your preferred choice, continue voting for all Labour candidates,” the PL leader said.

With 28 days to go until Malta goes to the polls, Muscat took his campaign to Gozo where supporters turned out in droves.

His address was marked by words of warning of what the Gozitans risk to lose if the Nationalist Party is elected to power. Muscat reminded that the Nationalist Party was against the new hospital in Gozo being developed by Vitals Global Healthcare and its cancellation would also mean that the medical school by Barts wouldn’t open its doors.

“This project means that you are getting a hospital which is better than Mater Dei; it means that students will need establishments and places where to live; it means that their relatives will need hotels where to stay; and bars and restaurants will have clients at a time when they would have been forced to close their doors,” Muscat said.

Persistent in his argument, Muscat said all this would mean more people living in Gozo, working in Gozo and spending their money in Gozo.

Turning to the Gozo General Hospital’s workers, Muscat reiterated that they will remain employed by the government.

“If the investment is driven away, the hospital remain won't sustainable and workers will have to be transferred to Malta. Driving away the investors will mean that the air ambulance service will be stopped.

“To the contrary, what we are doing, guarantees work and the best medical service.”

Turning to the hunters, Muscat said that his government had been the first one to respect “the agreement made with the FKNK”.