Q&A | Voters are the ultimate judge | Claudette Buttigieg

Shadow health minister and PN candidate on the 8th and 12th electoral districts Claudette Buttigieg was one of the PN’s new faces in Parliament in 2013 and is hoping that the electorate becomes less dependent on the political class 

Claudette Buttigieg
Claudette Buttigieg

Which part of the political life appeals to you?

Being of service to others on laws and things that really matter.

How would you describe the past four years in parliament?

An amazing experience. A total whirlwind.

If elected, what do you personally hope to change?

I hope people will become less dependent on politicians and will set the political agenda.

Do you believe that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives?

I will let people judge on that.

Which, in your opinion, was the government’s best decision and worst mistake since the 2013 general election?

I think the best decision was the legislation on Organ Donation while the worse is not doing anything about corruption.

Which, in your opinion, was the opposition’s best decision and worst mistake since the 2013 general election?

The best decision was to amend the constitution to remove any discrimination against LGBT persons but abstaining weakened this position.

Based on your door-to-door encounters, what are the top three concerns of families?

Corruption, poverty and health.

A possible framework for the recreational use of cannabis has been suggested by both political parties: in your opinion, how can Malta’s drug policy be reformed?

We need to discuss this outside an electoral campaign.

The PN is being criticised for accepting Josie Muscat’s candidature. Would you feel comfortable working with a colleague who believes that men are provoked into domestic violence?

I believe Josie Muscat has moved away from this position. 

Do you believe that you have been judged unfairly when accused of ‘lacking the credentials’ to be shadow minister for health? 

I will let the voters judge.