Half of PN’s Gozo proposals ‘already pledged by Labour’ – Muscat

47 of the 100 proposals put forward by the Nationalist Party are in the process of being implemented or have already been budgeted by the Labour government, Joseph Muscat says

Labour leader Joseph Muscat
Labour leader Joseph Muscat

Half of the 100 proposals being pledged by the Nationalist Party are either being implemented or have been included in the budget presented by the Labour government, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said.

Addressing a political activity in Xewkija, the Labour leader once again hit out at PN leader Simon Busuttil for pledging measures without knowing how he’s going to implement them.

“The choice for Gozitans is very clear: only a Labour government can improve their quality of time. The past four years are proof that we deliver the pledges we make. You know that we keep our word,” he told the crowds gathered on Saturday morning.

“We have delivered a different way of doing politics: we didn’t come up with excuses on why we can’t deliver a pledge. We showed you that this is a government that keeps its word. You can see the difference between those who make pledges, and deliver them, and those who will come up with excuses.”

Muscat insisted that a PN government will not be able to increase the minimum pension to €22 a week, adding that a PN government will instead increase the National Insurance contribution and utility bills, amongst others.

“We were the government that increased pensions for the first time in 25 years. You know that the PN will never keep this promise,” he said.

The Labour leader said that his party’s proposals were realistic, and the electoral manifesto will not be “an auction”.

Muscat accused the PN of including proposals that are already being implemented or have been budgeted for by the government, including a school in Rabat, an elderly home in Ghajnsielem – which is nearing completion – and an indoor people where the contract has been already signed.