[WATCH] Busuttil: ‘Mintoff would have brought down Muscat’s government’

Simon Busuttil reaches out to traditional Labour supporters: 'I urge you to do what Mintoff would have done and place Malta first and foremost'

PN leader Simon Busuttil addreses a political activity in Bormla
PN leader Simon Busuttil addreses a political activity in Bormla
'Mintoff would have wiped the floor with Muscat' - Simon Busutitl


PN leader Simon Busuttil reached out to traditional Labour supporters, arguing that former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff would have voted to bring down the current government.

Addressing a political activity in the Labour stronghold of Bormla, Busuttil recounted how Mintoff had – as a backbencher – brought down Alfred Sant’s government in 1998 over its plans to sell off part of the Birgu coastline.

“I know how often Dom Mintoff spoke here in Bormla, I know how much you followed him and I know how, like him, you believe that Malta should come first and foremost,” he said. “You continued supporting Mintoff even after he voted against the Labour government because you believed that he did what he did in Malta’s best interests.

“If Mintoff voted against the government because he didn’t want the Birgu coastline sold to foreigners, can you imagine how he would reacted to this government that sold Zonqor and Enemalta and privatised three hospitals. Mintoff would have wiped the floor with this government.

“I know that you are torn between your loyalty to the party and your loyalty to the country, but I urge you to do what Mintoff would have done and place Malta first and foremost.”

Indeed, in his speech, Busuttil used Mintoff's famous 'Malta first and foremost' slogan three times.

He said that the world’s eyes will be on Malta on 3 June, to find out whether it will “opt for the interests of a few people or the national interest”.

He warned that Muscat will do everything in his power to win the election because “he has too much to lose”.

“They want to buy people’s votes so much that they are even sending free hampers to people,” he said. “I pledge that the PN will clean up Malta’s reputation and that a PN government will make people proud to call themselves Maltese once more.”

In his speech, Busuttil also recounted the PN’s recent plans for people with disabilities, including increasing the disability pension to the national minimum wage.

A PN government, in partnership with parents, will also set up trusts where both the government and the families pitch in in order to provide for the future of persons with disability when their parents pass away.


Salvu Mallia: ‘Muscat like a blood-sucking mite’

The activity was addressed by the PN’s candidates for the second district, including Salvu Mallia who – in a typically outspoken speech – said that Labour must rid themselves of Joseph Muscat like dogs must rid themselves of mites.

 “I’m sure that many Labourites will find it hard to vote for the PN because they love their party like I love my dog,” he said. “They might be reluctant because it might hurt their party in the short-term just like removing mites off a dog might hurt him a the start. Yet, Muscat is like a mite and if he isn’t removed now then he will end up destorying the party they love.”

PN MP Stephen Spiteri, who received a warm welcome from the crowds, said that social justice must reign in Malta and that a PN government must build new social housing units, grant higher subsidies to people renting from the private sector, and enforce the principle of equal pay for equal work.

He also said that it was only thanks to the PN’s pressure that the Labour government decided to partially site the American University of Malta at Dock 1 in Bormla, instead of wholly at Zonqor Point.

In his first speech since his return to the PN as a candidate, Josie Muscat confidently called for Bormla to be transformed from a Labour stronghold into a PN stronghold, arguing that the PN wants to improve people’s lives.