Godfrey Farrugia: ‘Malta will suffer if Labour wins election’

Former PL Whip Godfrey Farrugia tells PN activity  that public health services, environment, social justice and Malta's moral fibre are at stake

Godfrey Farrugia addresses a PN mass meeting on Sunday
Godfrey Farrugia addresses a PN mass meeting on Sunday

Partit Demokratiku candidate and former Labour Whip Godfrey Farrugia warned that Malta will ultimate find itself in a much worse position if the Labour Party wins the election.

Addressing PN supporters at a political activity in his hometown of Haz-Zebbug, Farrugia chose not to criticise Prime Minister Joseph Muscat directly but rather “the leadership surrounding him”.

“If the leadership wins the election, can you imagine what would happen to the country’s governance, to human dignity, and to human life in five years’ time?” he questioned. “Can you imagine in whose hands the public health services will be in? Can you imagine the state of the environment, the sense of the social justice, and the state of the country’s moral fibre?”

He criticised Muscat’s decision to call a snap election at a time while Malta is holding the EU presidency, and warned that “the leadership” is only trying to save its own skin.

“In this moment of truth and honesty, I choose Malta,” he said to cheers, in reference to the PN’s electoral slogan. “Although this is a small island, it boasts a great culture and history, and the white and red of our flag that distinguishes us and gives us our identity.”

Fellow Partit Demokratiku candidate Monique Agius called on hunters and environmentalists  to unite as one force to save the countryside from the threat posed by developers.

In her speech, she recounted how Front Harsien ODZ had in 2015 invited hunters to form part of the movement against the government’s plans to develop Zonqor Point.

“Everyone has the right to go for a walk in the countryside without having to go abroad,” she said. “Politicians have to learn how to stop taking people for a ride.”