Alternattiva Demokratika pledges ‘Zero Carbon Malta’ by 2050

Green Party says its proposals will serve the country long term to ensure a better lifestyle in a clean environment

Alternattiva Demokratika presented its proposals for 'a clean environment'
Alternattiva Demokratika presented its proposals for 'a clean environment'

Report by Stefan Paul Galea

Choosing one of the island’s most polluted localities as venue for their press conference, Alternattiva Demokratika presented its proposals for “a clean environment”.

Addressing reporters in Paola, Green Party deputy chairperson Carmel Cacopardo accused subsequent administrations of failing to tackle the problem of traffic congestion.

“Instead, more roads are being proposed meaning that further cars on the road, not to mention the excess oil and fuels that are constantly being used,” he said.

AD said it was proposing a long term solution in order to take action and combat climate change in a more effective manner, in order to have cleaner urban cities. “The project Malta Zero Carbon 2050 will focus on this,” Cacopardo said.

AD is proposing further investment in the public transport sector, which includes transport operations through the use of bio fuels including fuels extracted from sewage plants.

“I encourage different means of transport, which makes use of clean sources, rather than increasing road expenditure which only contribute to further pollution and traffic congestion,” Cacopardo said.

He added that further administrative measures must be taken in order to have a better infrastructure for bicycle lanes to be created on Malta’s main roads.

“This would encourage further people to use their bikes, and thus we must ensure that European funds would be used in order to provide showers in different areas.”

AD said a large investment was required to reduce more cars from the roads, arguing that the idea of a metro system was “very viable if implemented properly”.

On the energy sector, AD secretary general Ralph Cassar said the Green Party agreed with the switch to gas, in order to reduce poisonous gasses and carbon monoxide. “Yet, the transitioning to gas raises a lot of questions towards the Labour government because of its deals with the world’s most corrupt government in Azerbaijan.”

Cassar added that gas was a reliable and renewable source of energy up till the year 2050.

“The aim of zero carbon or a 100% clean energy system up till 2050 is something which is doable.”

Cassar said that such a project would provide further investment in technology services, which would also provide the creation of new jobs. 

AD is proposing that every new building must undergo the installation of a PV panel in order to have electricity generated from natural sunlight. Cassar said that this would ensure that all generated electricity would be carbon neutral. This would also have to include the installation of solar water heaters

He added that the distribution of electricity must be improved in order to have a higher and accepted energy level from natural sunlight, including an investment with regards to wave energy.